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More work on the Scorpio

Where to start, the other day I was just gonna start and do a few things to the uglyness of the scorpio. I had decided from the start that the battery was gonna go (this thing kicks over by hand its that easy) Why you would want that extra 2kg I do not know. So anyway, batter gone, then I also did the airbox!(another 2kg of wasted space and heavy plastic junk! So then its actually starting to look raw (where it needs to be) So many mounting metal tabs on the frame (gotta go) so off they went! (gone) then I had the dilemna of where to now put the CDI and starter solenoid and other ugleee crap! (why under the tank chanel of course!) done. So then,,,,,, I thought about the seat! Started fabricating a new fibeglass pan! (I hate, and love this stuff). Done (well almost, still workin on the seat! Here is a pic, will post some more with the new seat pan tomorrow! I gonna tackle the front guages and light this week! 

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