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Making a cafe seat from scratch (and itch)

Right well I have now finished the cafe seat pan (save for paint) Its a tedious job, and full of fibreglass (I hate fibreglass)

Started with a simple tape down, mould as required with whatever This time I used chunks of tape and cardboard, then tape again over the top) When I was happy with the shape, I used some blue painters tape, and covered in beeswax furnature polish (great releasing agent) I did two layers of glass, popped it off the bike, and did another 4 layers. I use surfboard glass cloth (that matt fibre is crappy)

One all is dry, I andgle grinded off the excess, bogged up and sanded back the low spots and did one last coat of resin! its siper smooth and after a light sand will be ready for its 2 pack paint!

Gonna be about a week for me to stop hurtin with all this fibreglass in my arms!!  yuk
Step one, cardboard and stickytape (super professional)

Step two, painters tape (its kinda waxy so its good)

Step three, two layers of glass and resin, and pops straight off, ready for 4 more layers.

Sandpaper, and bog (bondo for you yanks)

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