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The Z250 single

Ok so I picked up the new build last week, a 1980 z250 single. Its a 250, but told its been bored out to 300cc (wicked) anyway, It was missing all the good stuff that makes a motorcycle work (ignition, battery, fuses and many more) The switch blocks are cactus, forks are rooted, carby needed work, exhaust is holeyer than jesus and thats just the stuff I know about, lucky it was a great price! Well..... so far I have cleaned and painted motor, removed and having a new header pipe made, painted the rear wheel, and sprocked, polished the front sprocked cover, de tabbed and ground down all the extra bits! I am waiting on so many parts now from Germany, USA, china, and denmark!..... a few bits from Australia too!

Cant wait to fire her up, maybe next week. Anyway, my customer decided he wants the red and black theme, kinda reback spiderish! so we finally have a direction, a lil cafe racer with a bit of a bite! here is a pic of the rea section, new shocks will be here in a few days. stay tuned.

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