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Problems when you join + and - together!!

Ok so the bike is basically redy for sale, save a couple minor tweaks. Two days ago I took it out for a bit of a photo shoot! I had made some aluminum side covers to keep the battery area nice and concealed (they so ugly) anyway, got about 5k into the ride thinkin oh how sweet is this. but then......

Stupid battery (which is a big battery and the rubber shroud) was a little tight, and musta been rubbing on the side panels (which have been earthed to the frame (-energy) now the rubbing from the +side of the battery against the -side of the cover, caused a small problem! (when I say small I mean the 1mm aluminium cover kinda melted) there was a shitload of smoke and the bike stopped running! This was really unfortunate as I had just spend a couple hours painting and fitting these stupid side panels!

Anyway I was starnded and had to get a mate to come with some tools. Took off the melted (earthed) panel and the bike ran again (didnt even blow a fuse) THATS HOW TOUGH THIS BIKE IS!

Well its back together again, earth problem sorted, and ready for sale.

Let me know if you wanna come see it in action. I am askin 9000 for it, but there may just be some small room for movement, given that rego is due in May (I "MAY" just hook you up with the next full year)

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