Rene9ade Custom Motorcycles

At Rene9ade, we build and restore motorcycles. We work with bikes of all shapes and styles; whether it be a traditional Cafe Racer or even the rattiest bobber around, our goal is to turn your vision into a reality. Give us a call to discuss your bike today!

THE TEAM // Meet the people behind Rene9ade

Ren  - Sydney

I have been riding motorbikes since I was 17 (nothing unusual there), In fact there is nothing unusual or any cool story about my history at all.

I have owned a number of cool bikes, cruisers, fast bikes, thumpers, old skool, a skateboard and a retro electric beach bike. I have riden camels, dolphins and a whale or two. 

I have a  talent to transform the old and boring, to a work of art. I enjoy spending time taking skin off my knuckles, getting fumes up my nose and getting covered in fibreglass. 

Nothing has changed for me since high school when I would strip down my own, and all of my mates BMX bikes, respray them,and fit all the cool parts I realised then, destruction, then creation was what I was meant to do.

Well my work speaks for itself and there is plenty of interest in the bikes I build. I started doing them for myself, but as everyone wanted one, I figured I may as well sell a few. Why would you wanna pay over 18k for a bike that is only worth 8-9k (believe me, people do! Its a branding thing, and I get that, but I wanna cater to the people that want something just as good (likely better), but may not have the budget.

I love building bikes, its taken me 20 years to actually start advertising and realising I wanna do this for others as well.

Wanna bike? Then call us and lets discuss options.

Jeremy - PMW (Perth Motorcycle Wreckers)

Perth Motorcycle Wreckers has been established since 1989 and stocks a wide range of New and Used Parts across all Makes and Models. They are motorcycle wreckers (tho I like to refer to them as motorcycle rehabilitation centre) and a motorcycle licenced repairer. They service and repair all types of bikes from Harley Davidson's to PW50's. And Also do some serious AWSOMISING of custom rides.







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